how emojis affect algorithms🕵️

5/29/20242 min read

@ MassIt we are always trying to research the most effective ways to trick the algorithm to promote our content, during our research we stumbled upon some information about emojis affecting social-media algorithms. today we will share our results.

what are algorithms?
a algorithm is a clever set of instructions, typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation. algorithms are used for all sorts of practices but the algorithm we will be talking about is the one that social-media companies use to present their content to users across the platform.

the algorithm used by social-media companies is very complex, no-one(except the company itself) knows exactly how they work and how to take advantage of it. however what we do know is that certain things(like keywords, sounds, subtitles, captions, etc) boost the effectiveness of a post or story. the algorithm matches those subjects to users that showed interest in them before on a regular basis, that way a user likes the content on the platform and therefor stays longer.

marketing strategies should be tailor-made for a specific target audience for efficient returns. but how do you reach that audience?

"researching key data figures helps targeting a more complete audience"
Hugo Jansen (Performance Manager)

using emojis for engagement
it is to no surprise that emojis affect user engagement on all media platforms, one study shows that emoji presence increase the number of likes by 72% and the average number of comments by 70%. emotional emojis have a positive and significant relationship with consumer engagement.

but the increase in engagement isn't just from psychological gain, emojis have keywords attached to them that tell the algorithm what to do. have you ever noticed that while you are typing certain words, emojis show up? well then you know the keywords that are attached to those emojis. using those emojis can thus result in the use of keywords/keyphrases with attached influence on the algorithm.

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