Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

In this post we will explain the main function of search engine optimization.


Hugo Jansen


Chapter 1. Basic Knowledge

Your website traffic is great, or it isn't? it's stagnant which is great, or is it? It should be! Whatever your website traffic is whatever your retention rate is, there are always opportunities to get new and fresh website traffic. One of them is Search Engine Optimization(SEO), you have probably as a business received thousands of spam e-mails about SEO this, SEO that, but what exactly is it? and what does it do for your website and business? That is what we are going to explain.

Chapter 2. Growth

A good quote for SEO usage is, Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes. What do we mean by that? Well, your website probably looks great, which keeps your customers, well customers! but did you know that behind your website is a gigantic battle for search engine space? Every single website(that allows it) is crawled by robots of search engine companies. What does crawling your website mean? It means that the robots read every single bit of website you published online, but robots don't have eyes do they? Exactly! For the robots to "see" what they are looking for you need to define and describe what they are looking at, that is in simple terms what SEO is. So by explaining and defining what the robot is looking at, it gives you extra points because you help him do his job correctly. These extra points are very important in the search engine ranking(the place you get when people search your product or name).

a white robot holding a magnifying glass next to a white box
a white robot holding a magnifying glass next to a white box

(The robot you saved from being fired!)

When ranking higher in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP) you will generate more website traffic because you're closer or even first on the results page. This will result in growth for your website.

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